If you are looking for the best in Security Camera Technology, we have you covered. 

We offer...

  • Residential Security Cameras
  • Commercial CCTV installations
  • Video Storage - Cloud and HHD
  • Expert advice on adding video protection to your home or business


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    We make supply and install the latest in residential and commercial security products. 

    Security Systems

    We offer a full line of residential and commercial security systems. With 24/7 Monitoring 


    We have a full line of cameras for every application and we provide the best warranty in the industry. 


    Our automation products make life easier and give our customers total control when away from their home or business.

    Why Choose us

    Our experience gives us the credibility to assist you in making the right decisions on all things security.  

    • 35 years in the security industry
    • Coast to Coast in Canada 
    • 60,000 homeowners and small businesses protected
    • Licensed & Bonded Technician network across Canada 


    Frequently Asked Questions About Security Cameras 

    Will the Cameras Integrate with Your Existing Systems?

    Do you already have an alarm and automation,? Ask if they can integrate with your new security camera system. When they work together, security systems become greater than the sum of their parts.

    Will the Security Cameras Work for Your Potential Scenarios?

    You want a security camera system for a reason. Maybe you had a break-in. Perhaps you’ve noticed some items moved around in your backyard. Either way, you know what you want your cameras to do, so make sure they can do it!
    Run through potential scenarios with your security provider and see what they think. They might have some ideas on camera placement or helpful software/hardware upgrades to strengthen your security for specific events.

    Can You Add Equipment After the Initial Security Camera Installation?

    Things rarely stay the same. Families grow, and businesses expand. It’s just the way of the world. So, make sure it’s also the way of yours security camera system.
    Ask your security company if the system you’re about to install can scale with your needs. How difficult is it to add hardware? Will the software work with other brands of cameras? If you want to expand your system after security camera installation, which is quite possible, make sure it can handle it. Otherwise, in a couple of years, you might be stuck with a system that no longer fits your needs.

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     CCTV Oakville

    Never have to worry about your home or business when you are away again. Stay connected with your security camera app wherever you are in the world. 

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